All images of works must be saved in a jpg format.


All images should ideally be about 1-2MB and a high resolution image of 300dpi. Images must not be smaller than 250KB nor larger then 2MB.


Smaller images and low resolution images will not display well for the judging process.


Take advice before submitting if you need to. The judges do need good images to view.


To allow your work to be shown to its best advantage in the electronic judging:

  • Fill as much as possible of the image with the work;
  • Try to avoid any distortion in the image, e.g. take the photo from in front of the work;
  • Do not include watermarks or copyright on the work.

If you have any problems with your image or have difficulty reducing it to the required size, or cropping it, etc, send it via email to [email protected], saying what the problem is. Your image will normally be returned within 24 hours, but please don’t leave it until the last minute!


Sizes quoted on the submission form MUST INCLUDE THE FRAME, if applicable, and the overall size if the work consists of more than one part (e.g. triptych). The photograph of your work need not include the frame unless it is an integral part of the image.


The adult registration fee of £20 (£12 for 15-23) includes one submission; for the Children's competition, the registration fee of £5 includes one submission.


Any further entries can be made in your Artist Submission Area - simply login using the username and password you have chosen in your registration form - click ‘submit an entry’ and you will be asked to pay a further £20 / £12 / £5 per entry.


If you are unable to submit images online please contact Amanda Kings on 07986 697 693 who will arrange to accept the images from you on a CD.


All images and CVs (adults only) must be uploaded to your Artist Submission Area by the closing date of 8 July 2018. Any entries received after this date will not be considered and your registration fee is non-refundable.





Some users experience problems when uploading images. Once you have browsed and selected your work, you should be presented with an orange button to allow you to upload the image and progress to the next page, if not, then Javascript needs to be enabled. Some instructions for doing that are here.


If you experience other problems, you might consider trying a different Browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


If you still have problems, please send the details of what is happening to Anne, [email protected].org, along with a screen shot of the error, if possible, and including the type of Browser you are using, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox.