National Open Art is currently closed

Do I have to have fixing on the back of my work
No please do not put any fixings on the back of your work

I don't have a CV can I still enter?
Yes you can, We are completely open to anyone, you do not have to have a CV or be a practising Artist to enter. ALL judging is done anonymously so the Judges do not see your CV.

What do I put in my CV
Please include any information about your art career, any competitions you have entered before etc. and any prizes you have won or been selected for.
Please DO NOT include any personal information as if you are selected your CV will be available on the Gallery section on our website so will be visible to the public.

When is the Closing Date for Entries
The competition is currently closed

Does the size of my work have to include the frame?
Yes it must include the frame and if it is more than one piece of work in one e.g. Diptych then the size needs to include both works and their frames. Any oversized work submitted to the 2nd round of Judging will be returned and will not be judged.

When is the 2018/19 judging? and When will I be notified of the results?
The Competition is currently closed

Does my art have to be framed?
No. Framing is not necessary, however we must be able to hang your work on a wall. And it is imperative that you present your work in the best light to be judged by the Judges. The Judges will be looking at your work as a whole therefore please have it looking its best e.g. frame mount all in a good condition. Work must be sent for the second round of judging in the condition in which it will be hung if selected for the exhibition.

Do I have to be under 23 to enter?
No! You can be any age, over 16. The prize is open to all artists and photographers living or working within the UK or Republic of Ireland.

How do I add a submission?
If you register and don't have your image ready at the same time, you can submit it later. Just Login using your password (half way down the left side of the web page), and you'll be taken to your 'personal' area. Either Click on 'Submit an Entry' at the top right or on 'Submit Your Entry' in the lower part of the screen. This takes you to the 'Submission Step 1' screen. After reading the 'Notes on Image Names', if your image is the correct size and has the right name, click on 'Select images(s) to submit'. This will take you to a file browser window on your computer. Navigate to the file(s) that you want (no more than 2) and click on 'Open'. Click 'Upload Image(s) and continue'. You should get a message saying the files have been uploaded. The next page is 'Submission - Step 2' where you will be invited to complete the details for each submission. Once you've done that, click on 'Submit and Pay'. If you add only one submission and it is your first, you'll just receive a 'Thank you' screen; if more than one or you have already submitted one entry, you'll be taken to the 'Secure Payment Page'.
If you change your mind at any time, just Logout (half way down the left side of the web page).

I've done my registration, what happens next?
First, make sure that you have also uploaded your submission(s) and your 30 word art statement for our catalogue and your CV.

About two weeks after registration has closed, the images will be judged electronically at the Stage 1 Judging by all the judges. The ensuing results will be sent out by email within a day or so. If your work is selected at that stage, you will be invited to send it to the judging venue (see "Judging Process" under "Competition Info") for Stage 2 Judging, again by the same judges. Once again the results are sent by email within a couple of days. Those submissions selected at this final judging will be displayed in the exhibitions, soon to be announced. In due course private viewing days and the artists previews dates will also be announced and will be sent to you. The prize-winners are selected from those selected at Stage 2 Judging and the prizes are awarded at the Private View. The visitors' choice prize will be announced at the close of the exhibitions.

What are the dates and the venues of the 2018/19 National Open Art Exhibitions?
Please see under 'Exhibition Venues' ~ Note the competition is currently closed